Surprisingly the demand for feet videos and pics is an increasing trend on the internet.

Selling feet videos might be unusual for some people but the reality is that it can be a lucrative side business.

You can make a lot of money selling feet videos on FeetFinder. Feetfinder is a place where you can find a lot of foot-fetish audiences who would love to pay for custom foot content. There is no lack of people who are willing to pay to look at quality content, you can earn up to $500 a week by selling videos and pics of feet.

But the question arises, how to sell feet videos to make thousands of dollars?

FeetFinder is a dedicated marketplace where you can sell feet videos securely. You can earn thousands of dollars only when you sell feet pics without getting scammed. Feetfinder is renowned for its security features and ideal place to buy and sell feet content. Here you will find easy steps to create an account and showcase your feet on a reliable platform.

How to Sell Feet Videos Online: Easy Steps

Learn the pros and cons of selling feet pics and videos to understand how to make thousands of dollars. This is only possible if you go in the right direction. You can transform this side hustle into a rewarding and lucrative venture.

1. Where to Sell Feet Videos Online: Best Platform

Discover the best platform to kickstart your journey to sell foot videos and make financial strides. Without any doubt, FeetFinder is the best platform for this unique venture. This is a user-friendly website where users can sell foot videos and pics for profit.
FeetFinder stands out in the industry as a perfect place to earn a profit securely. Here are the distinct features of this platform that make it an ideal place:

User Friendly: Create an account on FeetFinder with a straightforward registration process. There are a few easy steps to make an account and start earning. The interface is user-friendly and anyone can create a buyer or seller account and operate it.

ID Verification: This feature makes Feetfinder unique as all the Feet models are ID-verified. Your national ID is required to get your ID verification done. Buyers prefer to buy videos or pics from verified sellers so it is an important part.

Quality over Quantity: The platform encourages uploading high-quality pics and videos which increase the chances of attracting potential buyers. So it is important to upload high-quality videos on your FeetFinder account.

Maintain Visibility: Being active is the key to success and you will get more orders. It increases your seller account visibility and more buyers will approach you.

FeetFinder is a renowned platform for people interested in viewing, buying, and selling foot videos and pics. Talk about FeetFinder reviews and its users are satisfied working with this platform. Start your journey and make money on Feetfinder.

2. Sell Feet Videos or Pics Safely

Selling feet pics or videos is not only a profitable business but also one that can be started right from the comfort of your home. It is safe for every type of person and anyone can start selling them on this platform. Here are some safe ways to sell feet videos online.

Stay Anonymous: You can sell feet videos anonymously on FeetFinder. Many people want to earn money online but they don’t want to show their face so this feature allows you to engage in this unique journey.

Don’t Feel Pressure to Reveal Personal Information: When selling foot content online you may come across buyers who try to pressure you or ask personal questions.

It is important to stand your ground and not respond to their personal questions. If you are trading your feet pics or videos there is no need to disclose additional information to earn money. If your clients insist on knowing more about your personal life you have the right to refuse.

3. Take Quality Pics

There is growing interest in buying feet videos and pics online where you have to offer unique content for those looking to buy them. Succeeding in this field involves more than just clicking and selling, it requires high quality and creativity.

Taking good quality pictures and videos is an art that requires creativity and detailing so that the viewer enjoys looking at them.

Let’s discuss FeetFinder hacks to capture feet pics and videos to make thousands of dollars.

Choose the Right Equipment: The first step to making good-quality foot videos is selecting the right equipment. Many of you want to know about the right equipment, camera, or phone. The good news is both can work as modern smartphones come with powerful cameras. However, a good camera is a worthy investment for more professional and detailed photos.

Perfect Lighting Setup: Lighting plays an important role in a perfect feet picture and videography. Natural light is ideal for capturing the perfect videos lending a warm and soft touch to the videos. However, if you are shooting videos indoors in low light consider buying an affordable lighting setup.

Play with Backgrounds: A perfect background can make your feet ‘videos stand out. Natural textures like sand, grass, dry leaves, and rocks can add an earthy touch to your videos. You have to create all types of content for your targeted audience for a classic look using marble and wood backgrounds. Some people love to view and buy videos that give them a warm and homely feel, you can use carpet and white bedding with candles.

Pamper Your Feet: It is a crucial part to take care of your feet as they are your asset. When selling feet pics or videos trim your nails along with moisturising them regularly. Foot care can keep your feet looking picture-perfect.

Feet Poses: Incorporating different foot and body poses can attract more audience for your feet and you can make money on feetfinder. You can view celebrity feet pics on this platform to get ideas for sexy poses.

Dirty Feet Poses: Dirty feet videos are also popular adding a raw and natural touch. You can use mud, sand, chocolate, and whipped cream spray to make dirty feet videos.

Stockings and Painted Toes: You can make your videos more appealing by wearing stockings. You can record while painting your toes which look colorful to the viewers.

4. Uploading Content

After taking all the stunning pictures and videos, it’s time to upload them to the right platform which is FeetFinder. It is an excellent choice for selling content for profit. Choosing a secure platform like Feet Finder can significantly impact your success in this unique venture.

So upload these videos and pictures on your FeetFinder profile.

How to Make Thousands of Dollars by Selling Feet Videos

Here are some important points that need to be considered when selling feet content for money.

Include ASMR: Feet videos must have some qualities including ASMR. If you are serving feet lovers then make sure the videos are mesmerising as they love to watch and feel the same with the help of ASMR. This might not be possible for every seller but you can try to entertain customers.

Targeted Audience: It is important to understand who your targeted audience is. Different buyers require foot videos and pics for their business or pleasure. Without understanding your targeted audience you will not be able to earn a good amount. Targeting foot fetishists can be profitable as they demand custom foot videos.

Generate Quality Content: The quality of content matters for buyers and they agree to buy it at a high rate. Focus on the quality of content and create stunning videos for your audience. Invest in the right equipment to make high-resolution videos and pics.

Upload New Content Frequently: Be consistent when uploading content on your profile. Creating new videos and uploading them helps people discover your business and your earnings will increase. Frequently uploading helps you attract and engage with new clients. It brings new buyers and ultimately generates more revenue.

Variety of Content: A variety of content is the process of generating content that appeals to your targeted audience. This is just like inbound marketing practice to welcome new buyers for your feet videos. It is not only attracting potential buyers but retaining existing customers through a variety of content.

Market Your Profile: You have set up an account with Feet Finder and uploaded your feet videos or pics. If you are not getting enough sales it’s time to market your feet profile. FeetFinder market for its sellers and chances are high that you can earn thousands of dollars on this platform.

Communication: Good communication can help to get more orders at the agreed price. It helps you understand the customer’s needs and you can create their desired feet videos. Always pay attention to this point and ask questions to create custom content.
Setting the Right Price: you must set the rate for your feet videos after researching and carefully thinking about it. Do not set prices as high but keep them average so anyone can catch a glance of your feet.

Be realistic while setting the price, if your prices are too high buyers will just pick someone else over you. Once you build a relationship with them you can sell your feet content at high prices to existing clients.


Selling feet videos and pictures offers an opportunity to earn from this unique business. Whether you are a housewife or a student, it is a perfect side hustle to start from the comfort of your home and make thousands of dollars. Enjoy this guide and start making money.