Sell Feet Pics on Twitter

Hey there, have you been thinking about making some extra cash? Is it possible to sell feet pics on Twitter? While it may seem tempting to just snap a few shots and start raking in the dough, Twitter might not be the best place for that. 

See, it is not easy to sell feet pics on Twitter directly or protect your privacy. You’d likely have to link out to other sites and deal with creeps in your DMs. Not fun. Instead, check out FeetFinder. It’s designed specifically for selling feet pics safely and easily. You set your prices, get paid directly, and keep your identity private. Selling feet pics can be empowering but stay safe. FeetFinder helps you take control so you can profit from your feet pics, not Twitter.

The Rise of Selling Feet Pics on Twitter

Twitter has become a popular place for selling feet pics, but it isn’t the best platform. On Twitter, you’re limited to posting photos and short captions. You can’t provide a full gallery of photos or share details about yourself to build a personal connection with your customers.

Lack of Privacy and Security

Twitter also lacks privacy. Anyone can see the feet pics you post, and people may save and share your photos without your permission. There have even been cases of feet pic sellers getting cheated on Twitter, having their real identity and location revealed.

Competition and Low Prices

The competition on Twitter is intense. There are so many feet pic sellers that it’s hard to stand out. Most sellers end up dropping their prices very low just to make any sales at all. At prices of just a few dollars per pic, it’s almost not even worth the effort.

A Better Option: FeetFinder

For selling feet pics, a site like FeetFinder is a much better choice. FeetFinder is designed specifically to sell or buy feet pics, clips, and more. You can post an entire gallery to showcase your beautiful feet, and you have full control over your privacy settings. FeetFinder also has a huge community of foot fetishists ready to pay fair prices for quality content.

Rather than dealing with the hassles and pitfalls of selling on Twitter, sign up for a free account on FeetFinder. Build your gallery, set your prices, and start earning what your feet pics are worth! FeetFinder empowers you to turn your foot fantasies into an exciting new income stream.

Setting Up Your Twitter Account to Sell Feet Pics

Choose a Username and Profile Photo

Pick a username that indicates you’re selling feet pics, like @SexyFeet4Sale. For your profile photo, take good feet pics and upload them. This establishes your brand and lets potential customers know exactly what you’re offering.

Build Your Audience

The key to selling anything on Twitter is having an engaged audience. Start following other feet pic sellers and potential customers. Post photos of your feet with attention-grabbing captions like “Who wants to see more?” or “DMs open for custom pics”. Engage with anyone who likes or comments. Offer promotions and contests to increase followers and engagement.

Set Your Rates and Post Details

Once you have a few hundred followers, you can start promoting your feet pics business in earnest. Add details to your profile explaining your rates for photos, videos, and custom requests. Something like:

  • Solo feet photos
  • Short video (under 1 min)
  • Longer custom video

Be very clear about what people can expect for their money. This builds trust and converts more followers into paying customers.

Here comes one of the biggest disadvantages to sell feet pics on Twitter i.e. you have to wait to get an income opportunity till you build a base of followers, but this is not the case with FeetFinder. Here once you start uploading feet pics you can start selling, as FeetFinder handles the marketing part for you, as well as promotes and buys your feet pics if you interact with their social media profile. 

Don’t Use Twitter’s Payment Tools

While Twitter does offer native payment options, feet pic sellers should handle financial transactions off the platform. Twitter’s terms of service prohibit using their tools for “adult” services.

On FeetFinder there are two trusted payment platforms Segpay and Paxum for US Based and Non US Based residents respectively. Both platforms have made millions of successful transactions, so you don’t have to worry about not getting your payment deposited.

Provide Great Customer Service

Happy customers will come back again and again. Respond to requests and orders quickly. Deliver exactly what the customer asked for. Build personal connections and get to know their specific interests. Strong customer service is how you build a loyal fan base in this business. 

While Twitter can be useful for promoting your feet pics business and making initial connections, FeetFinder is a much better platform for securely selling feet pics. They allow you to set your rates, handle payments, build a profile, and connect with customers while avoiding the risks of using a mainstream social network. For anyone serious about selling feet pics, FeetFinder is the way to go.

Tips to Find Foot Fetish Buyers

While Twitter does have a large user base, it may not be the ideal choice to sell feet pics on Twitter. Twitter’s terms of service prohibit “intimate media” like feet pics, so your account could get banned if caught. Twitter also skews to a general audience, so reaching serious foot fetish buyers can be difficult. FeetFinder is a platform full of foot fetishists so you don’t have to search, every individual is your potential client.

Tip No. 1:- Look for foot fetish hashtags and engaged followers

You’ll need to search for popular hashtags like #footfetishnation or #footworship to find potential buyers. See who frequently comments and likes posts with these tags. Strike up a conversation and gauge their interest in your pics before attempting a sale. Be very cautious, as some followers may just be “pic collectors” and not interested in buying.

Tip No. 2:- Foot Fetish websites are better suited

Websites like FeetFinder are dedicated foot pic selling platforms, so you’re much more likely to find legitimate buyers there. Their terms of service specifically allow selling feet pics and other fetish content. You can set up a profile to showcase your feet, list prices for photos and videos, and take payment through the site. This helps ensure you get paid for your content.

Tip No. 3:- Establish your rates and payment options

Once you find interested buyers, you’ll need to determine how much you want to charge for your feet pics and the payment methods you’ll accept. Many sellers charge between $10 to $50 per photo, depending on the content. 

To sell feet pics on Twitter is possible, but you may face more challenges and risks there versus an established fetish website. Do thorough research on your options and take precautions to avoid issues. With the right approach, you can build up a base of loyal foot fetish fans and start making money from the comfort of your couch – or should we say, at the feet of your couch!

Why Twitter Is Not the Best Place to Sell Feet Pics?

Selling feet pics on Twitter may seem tempting, given its large user base. However, Twitter has some major downsides for this line of work.

Annoying Timelines

Twitter’s reverse chronological timeline means your feet pics and promos can easily get lost in the constant flow of tweets. Even with hashtags and tagging, your posts may only stay visible for a short time before being pushed down. This lack of visibility and discoverability makes gaining new subscribers a challenge.

Distracting Interface

Twitter’s interface is designed for short-form text content, not photos. Your feet pics will appear small, and it can be difficult for potential buyers to view details. Not ideal when you’re trying to sell the quality and attractiveness of your feet!

For these reasons, it should not be your first choice to sell feet pics on Twitter. While it has a wide reach, the platform simply isn’t built to support this line of work. 

You’ll have a much better experience using a dedicated website like FeetFinder, where you can share high-quality photos, set your prices, enable secure payment methods, gain real visibility, and find an engaged base of customers interested specifically in your feet pics. Twitter is great for some things, but selling feet pics isn’t one of them.

Sell Feet Pics Safely on FeetFinder Instead of Twitter

Avoid Twitter’s Strict Policies

Twitter has strict policies against posting explicit content and can suspend your account if caught selling feet pics. FeetFinder is designed specifically for selling feet pics and allows you to do so safely without worrying about account suspension or content removal.

Make More Money

On FeetFinder, you can charge a subscription fee for your pics which allows you to make way more money than you ever could on Twitter. People are on FeetFinder specifically looking to buy feet pics and are willing to pay premium prices for quality content and interaction with the model.

Build a Loyal Fan Base

Once buyers subscribe to your FeetFinder page, they have access to all your pics which helps build familiarity and loyalty. They can comment on your pics, message you directly, and get to know you. This kind of genuine interaction and relationship building leads to higher sales and bigger tips. Your fans become regular, repeat customers who are eager for your new content and excited to engage with you.

Stay Anonymous If You Prefer

On FeetFinder, you can choose to stay completely anonymous by never showing your face in any pics. You can build your brand around your feet alone without worrying about privacy concerns. FeetFinder also does not require any personal information to sign up and sell feet pics. You are in full control of your anonymity and how much you choose to share with your fans.


Forget Twitter and all the pros and cons of selling feet pics there. FeetFinder is the premier place for models to sell feet pics safely, make more money, and build real connections with fans. Open your free account today and start showing off those feet!