Sell Feet Pics on Internet

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So if you’ve been tip-toeing around the idea to sell feet pics on internet but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve landed in the perfect spot.

But before diving into this niche market, dive yourself into the thorough guide of pros and cons of selling feet pics

Who Buys Feet Pics and Why? Exploring the Diverse Foot Photo Market

Foot Fetishists Can’t Get Enough

The largest market for feet pics is foot fetishists. These foot fans love beautiful feet and can’t get enough photos of them! They are willing to pay good money for pics of feet they find attractive. At FeetFinder, you’ll have access to thousands of foot fetishists who are eager to buy feet pics.

Financial Domination: A Lucrative Niche

Some foot fans are into financial domination, where they get pleasure from spending money on feet. They love spoiling their favorite foot models by lavishing them with gifts and tributes. Financial domination is a very lucrative niche, and the feet pics market is ideal for findom. If you’re comfortable with this kink, you can make a lot of money selling feet pics to findom foot fans on FeetFinder.

Regular Guys Also Buy Feet Pics

You might be surprised to learn that regular guys with no particular kink also buy feet pics. Some just appreciate the beauty of feet and see feet pics as an art form. Others may develop a liking for a particular foot model and want to buy their pics to show support.

Popular Types of Foot Poses

1. Relaxed Pose

The most popular pose is the relaxed pose, where your feet are flat on the ground and ankles are crossed. This casual yet flirty pose naturally shows off your feet and is perfect for beginners. Snap some pics of your feet up close, capturing your arches and toes. Your followers will love seeing your feet in their natural state!

2. High Arch Pose

Show off your arches by positioning your feet with heels together and toes pointed outward. Arch your feet as high as you can while keeping your legs straight. This sultry pose accentuates your arches and is bound to drive your foot fans wild! Take pics from the front, side, and above to highlight every angle of your arched feet.

3. Toe Wiggling

An energetic video of you wiggling your toes is sure to captivate your audience! Start with a relaxed foot pose, then wiggle your toes slowly and seductively for the camera. Flash a smile while you’re at it to show how much fun you’re having. Your followers will go crazy over your lively little piggies!

4. Ankle Cross Pose

Cross one ankle over the other while keeping your feet flat on the ground. Make eye contact with the camera and give a flirty smile or wink. This coquettish pose puts your feet on display while giving off major girl-next-door vibes. It’s playful yet alluring – your fans won’t be able to look away!

5. Soft, Feminine Feet

Delicate, soft feet with perfectly pedicured toes are always in high demand. Play up your assets by showing off nail polish in popular colors like red, pink, or French tips. Stretch out those toes and snap some shots from multiple angles. Your buyers will be begging for more!

6. Barefoot Shots

There’s nothing quite like the natural beauty of bare feet. Snap some pics lounging around the house or outside in the grass or sand. Bare feet in a natural setting are irresistible to foot fans. 

7. Stockings and Socks

For those with a nylon or sock fetish, slip on some sheer stockings or cute socks and start clicking away. Fishnet stockings or knee-high socks are always a popular choice. Have fun with it and embrace your sultry side!

8. Oiled or Lotioned Feet

Generously apply baby oil, coconut oil, or scented lotion to your feet and toes. Glistening, shiny feet are a total turn-on for foot fetishists. Rub it in with slow, massaging strokes for some sizzling shots.

When you decide to sell feet pics on Internet, the key is to have fun with it! Take good feet pics by experimenting with different poses, angles, props, and backgrounds. Show off your feet in a way that makes you feel comfortable yet sexy. Your enthusiasm will shine through in your pics and keep your followers coming back for more. So kick back, relax, and start snapping – the possibilities for your feet are endless!

7 Easy Steps How To Sell Feet Pics on Internet

Step 1:- Sign up for FeetFinder!

The best place to sell feet pics on Internet is, the leading feet pic marketplace. Signing up is super easy, provide some of your details and choose the subscription plan according to your budget. Just create an engaging profile highlighting your best feet features and you’ll be ready to start making money in no time!

Step 2:- Build your portfolio

A portfolio showing off your gorgeous feet from multiple angles will attract lots of buyers. Take photos with a high-quality camera or smartphone in natural lighting. Get shots of your bare feet, in socks or stockings, with nail polish, everything! The more pics the better.

Step 3:- Set your prices

You’re in control of what you charge. Check out the going rates for feet pics on Feetfinder to determine a competitive price. You can charge by the photo or offer package deals for your fans. Start on the lower end as you build up reviews and a customer base. You’ll be raising your prices in no time! Just keep in mind that you have to give 10-15% of your sales to FeetFinder to maintain a website, handle marketing, and arrange some weekly cash giveaways.

Step 4:- Provide great customer service

Respond to all buyer messages promptly and politely. Thank them for their purchase and see if they have any special requests for their next order. Building a personal connection with your customers will keep them coming back for more!

Step 5:- Run promotions and contests

To increase traffic to your profile, run sales on your feet pic packages or offer a free photo for new subscribers. You can also hold contests where customers get free pics for sharing or liking your profile. Promotions are a great way to build buzz and gain new followers.

Step 6:- Stay active in the community

Comment on other models’ photos, join discussions in the FeetFinder forums, and like and share posts from the FeetFinder social media profiles. Being an active member of the community will raise your visibility so more people discover your irresistible feet!

Step 7:- Keep your content fresh

Update your FeetFinder portfolio regularly with new photos to give your fans something to look forward to. Try different poses, backdrops, nail polish colors, or props to keep things interesting. Fresh content will keep your followers engaged and prompt repeat sales.

Selling feet pics on FeetFinder is an easy way to make money from home on your schedule. Follow these steps and you’ll have buyers lining up to see your feet in no time! What are you waiting for? Sign up today and start selling your feet pics on Feetfinder!


So get out there and start snapping those pics, foot fanatics! Remember, cleanliness is key for capturing those money shots. Once you’ve got a portfolio ready, it’s time to set up shop. FeetFinder is the best platform to sell feet pics on Internet. Their site makes it easy to get your feet out there for the world to admire! 

Don’t let those perfect piggies go to waste – get out your camera and start making bank! The Internet is your oyster when it comes to profiting off those puppies. So tap into your inner entrepreneur and get those feet working for you. Happy hunting!