Nail polish is a fantastic way to add a vibrant touch to your feet. It is a good idea to sell feet with nail polish on the Feet Finder. Generally, men prefer well pedicured feet and they agree to pay for feet pics with nail polish. FeetFinder offers a special category for feet pics with painted toes so it becomes easier to get sales.

To sell feet with nail polish on Feet Finder you have a lot of options like making a specific album, adding to categories, writing a description about it, and also mentioning it in your profile. Feet Finder is a dedicated platform and you can sell feet with painted toes. Sexy and sensual feet with nail polish attract buyers as they look appealing to them.

Selling feet pics on Feet Finder is beneficial for sellers with any type of feet content. FeetFinder is an exceptional platform for people interested in buying and selling feet. It is a specialised marketplace that offers security for its users.

How to Sell Feet Pics on Feet Finder (With Nail Polish)

Feet Finder is a perfect place for every user who is interested in buying and selling feet pics. Whether you sell feet with nail polish or without nail paint the procedure is the same. There are some steps that you can take to sell feet pics to your audience. Here are the steps to create an account and sell feet on Feet Finder.

Account Creation: there are a few steps to register as a seller on this website. Create an account where you are required to fill out a form for your personal information. Feet Finder provides a secure platform to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

ID Verification: the next step is to provide your national ID for verification. feetFinder has ID-verified feet models with quality content. It is necessary to create a seller account and you can’t skip. Don’t worry, this is only for verification and your personal details are safe on this platform. This is to ensure your age and location.

Quality Content: Feet Finder encourages high quality and there are thousands of verified feet models with quality and creative content. It also enhances the chances of attracting serious buyers.

Responsive: a seller must be responsive to get more sales and being active is a key factor to maintain visibility.

Sell Feet with Nail Polish on FeetFinder

Painted toes change the game quickly and create a chance to make money quickly. Feet with nail polish can attract more buyers which is the ultimate need of a seller. This part of the blog shows you how to sell painted-toes pics and make money on Feetfinder.

Nail Polish Category

By showcasing a range of nail polish colours and designs you can get more potential buyers. feet finder provides a category for feet with nail polish and you can also drop your feet in this category.

There are people who use categories to view foot images and if they like they purchase them. When you decide to sell on Feet Finder prefer a related category to showcase your feet images. You can search popular categories on this platform and for painted toes choose the “Nail Polish” category.

Mention Feet with Nail Polish In Bio

If you are offering feet with nail polish to your audience then you should mention it in your feet profile. Feet Finder provides you space to write your bio and you can write services that you are showcasing in your portfolio.

Selling foot pictures on Feet Finder is easy and the most interesting thing is there are buyers for every foot. Normally people search for what they need and if you write about your services it becomes easier for them to discover you. There are some pros and cons of selling feet pics but joining the right platform like Feet Finder makes sales easier.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture visually defines you, your interests, or your services. If your goal is to sell feet with nail polish then you must add nicely painted toes as your profile pictures. This is your business profile and you have to show the best content to attract potential buyers.

Additionally, you can add five pictures to your profile, and if you are offering some other services you can add mixed pictures. FeetFinder is a flexible platform and you can make sales easily using this platform. Your profile picture makes the first impression on viewers or buyers so it is important to show something sensual like painted toes.

Better images are key to online sales if you set painted toenails as your profile picture chances are high to get more buyers. Do not underestimate this point because this is the most powerful tool in selling your feet pics.

Write Feet Pics Description

In this online world, FeetFinder is the best marketplace to sell foot images and image descriptions are one of the most powerful tools for urging customers to purchase. You can write appealing descriptions and offer them custom content.

Writing descriptions with accurate keywords is a crucial factor in business growth. To sell feet with nail polish you should include the words like “nail polish”, “painted toenails” and colorful toenails.

Sell Exclusive Content

Feet Finder gives the opportunity to make custom content for your clients. You can ask their desired nail paint or art to create exclusive content for them. There are different buyers and their choices of nail polish can vary.

Creating Feet Pics with Nail Polish

Applying nail polish on toenails is never complicated. Creating foot pictures with nail polish is not that difficult. Here is a simple guide to applying for nail polish

Prepare Your Feet

The first step is to prepare your feet for the feet picture. If you are applying nail paint to take feet pics you should clean them thoroughly. A camera can capture all imperfections and your audience is waiting for professional photographs.

  • Remove Your Old Nail Polish: the first step to painting toenails is to remove old nail polish. Do not apply new nail paint if you have already painted your toes. This step is primary and removes nail paint before soaking.
  • Soak Your Feet: if you are painting your toes for feet pictures, give yourself a true pedicure and not just a nail polish change. The skin on our feet is much harder than the skin of our hands or other body parts.
    A ten-minute soak softens the rough skin which makes it easier to remove dead and dry skin. It is not only about soaking up your feet but is a fun way to make this procedure so enjoyable.
  • Exfoliate: after your feet are nice and soft use a foot filer or a pumice stone to wick away dead skin. This step removes the roughness of your feet and makes your feet soft and shiny.
  • Toenail Shape and Buff: Toenails and their shape are important parts as you are applying nail polish to those cute toes. It is up to you to shape your toenails whether rounded or square. Do not trim too short as it increases the risk of ingrown toenails.
    After shaping them, buff the sharp edges and remove imperfections. It is important to buff before polishing to give a smooth look.
  • Cuticles: now gently push cuticles back, and apply cuticle oil. This step gives your feet a professional look. If you don’t have any tool to push back your cuticles use a nail filer gently. Now your feet are ready to apply nail polish and take feet pics.

Apply Nail Polish

Before you start painting on your feet, rinse your feet with water and use a clean towel to dry and remove the excess oil and water. Now apply a base coat and let them dry. Once your base coat gets dry, layer your desired colour. The best way to give your feet a professional look start from the top and gently glide the brush.

The choice of nail polish is your choice or you can ask your client to tell you about their desired nail polish. The final step is to dry them out and you are ready to take pictures. Remember the more coats you apply the longer you should wait to dry.

Take Feet Pics With Nail Polish

Now it is the time to take professional shots to earn well in this field. Everything you are doing is to sell feet pics with nail polish where your nail polish should attract buyers. By showcasing a range of designs and colours you can win the hearts of potential buyers.

Feet Finder allows you to sell any type of feet and feet with nail polish is a sexier category. Applying nail polish on your feet is transforming your feet into a colourful canvas for artistic expression.

  • Clean Place: it is essential to find a clean place when taking foot pics to avoid distraction and to create visuals for foot pictures. You can get an idea from celebrity feet pics on Feet Finder. Celebrity feet images are also high in demand because they click aesthetically good images.
  • Natural Light: You can use feetfinder hacks to capture nice feet images. Natural lights help bring out the details and colours of your nail polish. Also, make them look vibrant without using any filter. So try to capture feet pics with nail polish in natural lights.


Whether you are selling feet with nail polish or natural-looking feet. It is the best platform based on feetfinder reviews. The above guidelines help you understand everything about selling painted toenails.